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Dallas Silk Art - Home

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We are a hands on, silk marbling business! We want to inspire the community and make this unique experience more accessible throughout the DFW metroplex. You will be able to create a one-of-a-kind marbled silk scarf, handkerchief, or pocket square at any of our upcoming events or you can book us and we will bring the fun to YOU!


Water marbling is the process of floating paints on an aqueous surface. The floating paints are then swirled around using various tools, such as rakes or styluses (if desired), to create beautiful one-of-a-kind patterns and designs. This design is then permanently transferred onto a treated fabric which can then be used in many different ways! Experience this wonderful and unique art at any of our upcoming events and we will transfer your design on to 100% silk! Believe me, you will love the experience!


Throw a party that your guests will never forget with DALLAS SILK ART! If you’re looking for a unique party idea for a birthday, wedding, shower, or corporate event— you came to the right place! Book your next Private Party or Corporate Event now!


Check out our calendar for upcoming workshops and events!

$35 for a 15” x 60” Habotai Silk Scarf or 2 for $60

$38 for a 11” x 60” Satin Silk Scarf or 2 for $65

$25 for a 8” x 54” Habotai Silk Scarf or 2 for $40

$25 for a 17" x 17” Satin Silk Hankerchief/ Pocket Square or 2 for $40

$8 for a 11” x 11” Habotai Silk Handkercheif/ Pocket Square or 2 for $15, 3 for $20


  • Silk scarf marbling demonstration 

  • You will select your own paint colors

  • Apply drops of paint to the surface of the water in the marbling trays provided

  • If desired, you will swirl the paints using various tools such as rakes, combs, or stylus to create bold and intricate designs

  • We will help you transfer the design to your silk scarf or handkerchief

  • The scarf will be rinsed in cold water to remove any excess paint 

  • We will then reveal your amazing creation for all to see!! 

  • Allow your scarf about 20 minutes to dry

Our scarves are washable and will not fade in the sun!

Photography by Flea Style and Sarah Mecke